Local Business Marketing – Easily Tweetable And Facebook Friendly!

The traffic on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is so prevalent that it should almost be a requirement for businesses to work it into their local business marketing strategy. It may be a challenge, however, for some to come up with things to Tweet about and to mention on Facebook.
The thing that all business owners, both big and small, need to realize is that millions of potential customers are following these sites. Therefore, it’s essential that the things you write and Tweet about should be at least somewhat informational and valuable to the readers.
Here are a few ideas to help you get started. And like anything, once you get started it will become easier by the day. Keep this in mind: on Twitter, you can only have 140 characters per tweet, so keep it short.
People like quotes. It seems that readers respond to quotes on Facebook and Twitter more than most anything else. If you share a quote that’s industry related, you will not only entertain a little, but can also educate.
Here’s a quote that’s also humorous, another quality that people enjoy in quotes: A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines. -Frank Lloyd Wright
Link your local business marketing message to either your website or blog post. You will then have more space to provide further information about your business. It’s even best to have a blog set up on your business website. Once readers follow the link to the blog, they’re now also on your business website.
Industry-related tips can be provided in a timely manner. For example, if you’re in the auto repair business, there are hundreds of simple little tips that the ignorant (like me) would be happy to get each day. As these tips get forwarded on, before long you can have a huge following of people anxiously awaiting the next tip.
Get your readers involved by asking for their help in solving problems. Most people love to share their knowledge. By asking for it you have given them permission to share. You might also come up with some great ideas for your business!
Ask and answer questions of your readers. Once you get this rolling, you will have many followers who will have questions for you. It can be fun for them to answer questions and trivia you share.
You can get others from your industry involved by starting discussions. This will allow for a lot of interaction back and forth with industry experts. Your followers and you can benefit greatly from this.
These are just a few of many social media – social marketing ideas. This is also an inexpensive way way for small businesses to expand their local business marketing.

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