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Business Checks

3 Tips to Know How to Start a Online Business

It is indeed simple and easy learning how to start a online business. You don’t have to read through huge text books or undertake extensive home work before you can get in to your online business. Follow the 3 simple tips described below and you will be on your way …

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Business Ideas

Business Plans and Strategic Plans

The two plans should have appropriate connections in all of the important areas, such as: governance, program, human resources, finance, fund raising, marketing/community outreach, administration and other areas. However, where the broader plan leaves off, the operational plan will then provide more detailed analysis about important areas of the agency’s …

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Why You Need an Online Business Plan

“When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.” ~Chinese proverb.
Building an online business is not rocket science, but it does a take some know how. And since the wheel has already been invented, there is …

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Small Business Ideas

What Is the Main Purpose of a Business Plan?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many malls out there? And each mall has a number of small stores in it? These stores are successful especially if it has been practically seen in that same spot in the mall for so many years. It brings out the speculations …

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Business Plan

The Importance of Writing a Business Plan

If you’ve started a business, you may or may not have written a business plan. After all, writing one is a long, tedious process and takes up time you could be spending marketing and selling. So why should you take a week out of your hectic schedule to put together …

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Pricing in Business – How Much Does It Matter?

This article is not my own, but came across it, and wanted to share it with you……

I’m currently reading Warren Buffett’s autobiography, The Snowball.Released in 2008, it is a truly remarkable book and highly recommended reading into the most successful financial investor of our time.

Halfway through this book …

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Business News Articles

Real Estate Investment Business Plan

Due to the present recession more and more people are diverting their funds from the stock market to the real estate market but, in order to make a successful property investment everyone must have a properly devised property investment business plan.
There are a few things to know before devising …