The Shrinking American Middle Class: Do You Want to Be the RICH or the POOR?

I used to have a friend in New York City, his name is Dean. If you ever traveled to New York City, they have these beautiful lofts that were factories years ago. The city converted these factories to living quarters. I use to enjoy visiting my friend Dean in his loft in New York City. We used to smoke our cigars and talk. Dean was an avid traveler. His favorite place to go was Paris and Amsterdam. He use to tell me fabulous stories about Paris and how beautiful it was. Many of the wealthy people live in within Paris and the poor lived out side of the city.
There are only two classes in Europe the rich and the poor. We used to compare it to New York City. Dean had predicted that New York one day will be similar to Paris. Dean predicted that the very wealthy, who moved out to the suburbs, are coming back to live in the city and force the poor further from the city. Dean use to call these wealthy commuters “the bridge and tunnel” people. The cost of living in the city is becoming so high that people who are middle class and poor can’t no longer afford to live in the city. New York will be an enclave for the rich.
They poor are forced to live further from the city. Wealthier people are moving back into the city because the commute is too far. The quality of life in Manhattan has improved. Now Time Square looks like a suburb with trendy restaurant chains and museums. The poor American economy is shrinking the middle class. Like Europe, this nation is becoming a country of the super rich and poor. The cost of housing and fuel is so high that it is very difficult to buy a home if you are middle class. We use to manufacture many products in this country. However many products produced over seas and has taken many jobs away. Many corporations do not want to pay the benefits that they used to pay.
What is the answer? I believe that this is the economy of the private contractor. What I mean by that is to become wealthy one must have a business. Just going to college is not going to guarantee that one will be well off. The problem with college is that they don’t teach people entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurial skills is what is needed to start a business. The good news is that now, with the internet, one can market all over the world not just the USA. To become wealthy in this country one must have a business.

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