Why You Need an Online Business Plan

“When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.” ~Chinese proverb.
Building an online business is not rocket science, but it does a take some know how. And since the wheel has already been invented, there is no need to go out there and spend your valuable time figuring out the process. There are some really great online business plans out there that will help you work on your business, find customers, and make profits.
Online Business Plans Should Offer Basics
As you begin thinking about an online business plan, realize that any plan should include a topic that is both profitable and interesting to you. This is what is known as a “niche.” You may already have a topic, or you may need help figuring out your particular niche. If you do, then you need access to someone who has been there before. You need access to private, one on one calls to get your unique questions answered. Definitely do not try to go at it alone.
With your niche in mind, begin assembling the technical pieces. Creating the web pages. Creating the information product. Getting others to promote your information product. Putting everything on auto pilot and then launching that information product.
Online Business Plans Should Be Online
This might seem elementary, but you would be surprised by how many courses are exclusively books, CDs, or DVDs. Any good business plan should be online so that its author can continue to add content to the course. And it is hard to do that if the course is sitting on the shelf in your living room.
It is also wise to keep it online so that it does not become overwhelming. Assignments can go out each week and provide continual coaching and accountability. Physical courses tend to get put on the shelf and not used. If it is an online course, it constantly changes, constantly evolves.
The beauty of an online course is that it can fit into your schedule, especially if you are trying to start an internet business while holding down another full-time job. You do not have to be at your computer at a set time.
Online Business Plans Should Go Into Detail
When you think about an online business plan, it should include a few critical details. Here are just a few of those details:
A course overview Researching customer demand Setting up your hosting account Organizing a mini courses to use as bait Setting up a free teleseminar line Driving massive amounts of traffic to your website Researching keywords Creating and editing your information product Finding bonuses and resources to beef up your information product Creating a sales page that will sell like hot cakes
So what is your plan of attack? Do you know how you would set up an internet business? Do you have an online business? My personal approach is to train people for a lifetime. That means training them how to think and how to plan. Why not start today?

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